Welcome to Interferry

For more than 47 years, Interferry has served as the shipping association representing the ferry industry worldwide.

What began as an organization that largely facilitated networking among our members, has transformed into a highly respected global association with more than 270 member companies representing more than 2,200 individuals from over 40 countries. Today, Interferry not only continues to support networking among our members, but also has a laser-like focus on the safety and security of passengers, crew, cargo and ships. We also ensure that fair and equitable regulations exist for the ferry industry, including free, fair and open competition, as well as the protection of the environment.

Interferry has a long-standing commitment to support enhanced safety for domestic ferry transportation in the developing world. We are an organization that is growing steadily and today focus on extending membership to operators in geographic areas currently under-represented among our membership.

All types of ferry operations are represented.

Our members represent all types of ferry operations: RoPax, RoRo, Cruise Ferries, Fast Ferries, Passenger-only Ferries, and ferries both large and small. Suppliers to the industry are also an important part of our membership from shipbuilders and designers, to naval architects and marine engineers.

Transforming Interferry into an association that represents the broad interests of the industry, with consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), allows us to advocate for our industry and fight for sector-specific amendments to regulatory proposals to ensure they are most appropriate for the distinct design and operational requirements of ferries.

"Our members are stronger when we work together to embrace opportunities, overcome challenges and share our knowledge for the benefit of the entire ferry sector."

Mike Corrigan, Interferry CEO

Safety, Security and the Environment

There could not be three topics more important to Interferry and its members than safety, security and the environment. Appropriately, Interferry's committee structure matches these topics, with committee participants coming from among our board and general membership.

93% of ferry fatalities occur on domestic routes, with two-thirds of these occurring in just seven countries – most notably the Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Formed to support developing nations, the Domestic Ferry Safety Committee identifies drivers for change.

Company security officers comprise the Security Committee and facilitate experience sharing among members on important security issues. This Committee helps members better engage in discussions on voluntary measures and local requirements.

Through the Regulatory Committee, the environment remains a top-of-mind concern for our members as the world addresses the need for a lower carbon future. The focus of this committee is to protect the ferry sector's interests with regulators, while working to ensure the well being of planet Earth.

From very small, very local, domestic operators, to very large companies that operate in multiple locations – many internationally – Interferry advocates on behalf of the wider industry, ensuring we represent all members' interests.

What do ferry operators and suppliers gain from membership?

Our members benefit from receiving regular and frequent updates on issues of importance to the ferry industry, as well as direct access to the regulatory and policy decision-making process at the IMO – where we hold consultative status – as well as other regulatory bodies.

Access to networking opportunities with others in the ferry industry through our annual conference, and participation in other events, provides our members with tangible opportunities to share information, interests and stories – learning in real time from the experience of other ferry operators. Our members receive discounted conference registration fees, as well as exclusive access to archived conference presentations.

A customized approach to representation.

The diversity of the ferry industry is such that a one-size-fits-all regulatory environment is detrimental to many of Interferry's members. From very small, very local domestic operators, to very large companies that operate in multiple locations – many internationally – Interferry advocates on behalf of the wider industry, ensuring we represent all members' interests.


We believe the industry is stronger together. While domestic associations work on the issues faced by ferry companies in their home markets, Interferry focuses on the picture with a global lens. To our existing members, thank you for your continued belief in what Interferry can accomplish on behalf of the ferry industry worldwide. To ferry industry participants not yet members, please consider joining our Association and help us bring attention to the benefits and importance of ferry transportation.