Being a member of Interferry brings value to your company, while supporting the ferry industry.

Interferry is the only international shipping association representing the worldwide ferry industry. With more than 260 members from 40 countries, we act as the voice for the ferry sector – including owners, operators, ship designers, shipbuilders, equipment suppliers and manufacturers, government agencies, classification societies and maritime professionals.

We began in 1976, primarily as an organization that facilitated networking among our members. While networking remains core to the value our members receive from Interferry, our transformation over time into a highly respected global association is what continues to provide value. We have a laser-like focus on the safety of passengers, crew, cargo and ships; on ensuring that fair and equitable regulations exist for the ferry industry, as well as free, fair and open competition; and on the protection of the natural environment.

Every year, Interferry hosts an international conference at a strategic location with delegates representing senior management from across the ferry industry. The conference is also open to non-members as a way to encourage growth in the association and provide additional networking opportunities for our member companies.

Joining and maintaining membership in Interferry gives you access to the Interferry membership list so you can make direct contact with other members. In the private member directory on our website, you can search by country, business type, and more.

Interferry prides itself on keeping our members up-to-date on issues of concern to the industry through the Interferry News blog with emailed campaigns, the monthly CEO report and an active social media presence using LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Staying on top of regulatory affairs is of key importance to our members, and as such, a top priority for the Association. In 2003, Interferry obtained Consultative Status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This is the designation given to a select group of NGOs that provides the opportunity to participate in the discussions and debates at IMO regarding the development of international shipping regulations, and ensuring Interferry members’ views are included. To a growing extent, these international rules are also being used as the basis for domestic shipping regulations in many countries, so Interferry’s consultative status, our office in Sweden, and dedicating a full-time Interferry staff person’s time to regulatory affairs are investments we believe are of significant value to our members.

The Operators Policy Committee (OPC) has the responsibility to oversee the association’s regulatory activities. Interferry members in the membership categories of Operators Levels 1, 2 and 3 have an automatic seat on this committee. The OPC provides strategic oversight to Interferry’s three key sub-committees: the Domestic Safety Committee, the Security Committee and the Regulatory Committee. There is also an Operators Working Group that provides technical advice on regulatory matters. Any Interferry member may nominate a person for membership in this group.

To avoid a duplication of effort with other shipping associations, Interferry has established close working relationships with the US Passenger Vessel Association, the Canadian Ferry Association, BIMCO, the International Chamber of Shipping and the European Community Shipowners Association.


  • Being a part of the only international shipping association representing the worldwide ferry industry with over 260 members from 40 countries
  • Access to networking opportunities with over 1,000 individuals in the ferry industry
  • Regular and frequent updates on issues of importance to the ferry industry
  • Direct access to the regulatory and policy decision-making process at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Union
  • An automatic seat on the Operators Policy Committee for Operators in Levels 1 – 3. This committee has the responsibility to supervise the regulatory and policy work of the association. Any operator may upgrade their membership level if they wish to take advantage of this opportunity
  • Discount on Annual Conference registration
  • Access to video of all conference sessions posted immediately following the conference
  • Up-to-date information on issues of importance to the ferry industry
  • Being part of an organization that is dedicated to advancing your interests