In our ongoing efforts to support the ferry industry, Interferry has engaged Oxford Economics to conduct a Ferry Market Study on its behalf to identify the size and economic impact of the global ferry industry. Oxford Economics is currently collecting the data necessary to determine the physical size of our industry from third party sources. However, Oxford Economics needs Interferry’s assistance in acquiring information from an array of different ferry operators – both members and non-members – from across the globe so they can reasonably estimate the ferry industry’s regional and global economic impact.

The economic impact assessment of the ferry industry will quantify three “core” channels through which it contributes to the economy. The sum of these three channels represents the total economic contribution made by the ferry industry.

The core channels are:

  • Direct – measures the economic activity and employment supported directly by the ferry industry.
  • Indirect – measures the economic activity and employment supported within the supply chain of the ferry industry.
  • Induced – measures the economic activity and employment supported as those directly employed in the ferry industry and in its supply chains spend their wage income on goods and services.

To quantify these impacts, Oxford Economics uses a model based on national accounts, but they need some inputs relating to the activity of the ferry industry (such as revenue), its supply chain spending, and its staff (such as headcount employment or salaries paid to staff). Such information is not widely available for the ferry industry through secondary data sources, which is where the survey comes in. By surveying a sample of ferry companies and combining their responses Oxford Economics hopes to get a representative picture of the ferry industry as a whole which can then be used as the input into their model.

A successful survey will result in a meaningful study that can be used by Interferry as well as individual ferry operators to influence regulators, politicians, and other decision makers.

Surveys have been sent to Interferry members. Non-members will receive an invitation to participate via email by April 7, 2021. If you would like to participate and have not received an invitation, or if you have any questions about the study, please contact Shari Corrigan at

Watch the following video to meet Shari Corrigan, Interferry’s Director of Conferences and Finance, as she speaks with CEO Mike Corrigan and explains the Ferry Market Study concept, goals and process.