As part of our Mission, we advocate for appropriate legislation, regulation and policy on behalf of the ferry industry. Interferry was founded to promote the highest standards of maritime safety and security, as well as provide leadership in the formulation of regulatory policy to advance and protect the interests of ferry users and the ferry industry.

The Regulatory Affairs office works to support the following principles of Interferry:

  • Safety of passengers, crew, cargo and ships
  • Adherence to safety regulations
  • Free, fair and open competition
  • Fair and equitable shipping regulations, consistently applied, and
  • Protection of the natural environment and adherence to environmental regulations.

Interferry’s Regulatory Affairs office is based in Sweden and managed by the Director of Regulatory Affairs Johan Roos. The Director of Regulatory Affairs attends all International Maritime Organization (IMO) sessions and oversees Interferry’s three subcommittees, as well as acting as the Secretary to Interferry’s Operators Policy Committee (OPC).


In addition to our own initiatives – and to avoid duplication of efforts with other shipping associations – Interferry has established close working relationships with the US Passenger Vessel Association, the Canadian Ferry Association, Danish Ferry Association, Discover Ferries – UK, Philippine Interisland Shipping, the International Chamber of Shipping, the European Community Shipowners Association, European Sea Ports Association, and the World Shipping Council.